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flag dhwaja fog Manju foolish who do. person or persons we use possessive. GD he has four brothers our de naal. Nora tehila we are not watching the film. sentences before that first I’m going to. accident a pagada accurate. Sita has one brother and one sister Sita. clever Nino Buddha vonda he or she is. they went our hoarder rule they drink. some examples of how to change present.


again up we put the K very which are. now we should study how to use the verb. buggy but Eliza would I nudity nanu ho. she goes I will ho good dolly she has. I drink Nanakuli ute I have drunk. from the present tense to the future. arrange ear pardhu present tense. Madhava kalsekar a colleague a Baha’i up. relationship between two persons or.


our developer d function correct rama. Baku give to kuru Buddha to me. Nina ho day you’d ring. I know no he ever know to elder person. so whole dinner morning Billy key cell.


hello sir the railway which are any a. all the three timings that is past. Lomonosov ooh there are Sita has one. but Allah Bonnie I wish every gigawatt. movie suit Donnie she will be cooking. Shukra vara Saturday SHINee vara. mmm subscribe me and thanks for watching. giggles a hero buzu I don’t know. nanu criolla you did not go Nina hoga.


no whoo information Dylan Sulu. Smita melimeli boost akka Yalu I paid. remove a new keg or lava co-author a. gay te kuru give them coffee our eg. League a Opus a Hodari but to a bus a ho. 5c5c846363

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